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Replacing your AC can seem like a daunting task. But it is necessary if your old system is vulnerable to faults and is approaching the end of its life. In this article, we will outline the process of having a new unit installed.



There are many factors to consider during the initial planning phase. Sometimes a new system will require more space to meet local code or manufacturer’s recommendations. That may incur additional expenses during the installation.

Therefore, initial planning is necessary to determine the challenges to address during installation. The process starts with a home visit to evaluate the energy requirements of your house.

Sizing your new AC is one of the most crucial steps during the initial planning phase. Improper sizing could trigger recurring issues with your air conditioner.

The initial assessment will also determine the specialized equipment the AC installation team will carry. Your new system must meet all the safety requirements and manufacturers’ specifications.


The initial assessment will inform the next phase of the process when technicians report for the installation. Your service provider will send information on the members of staff installing your equipment. It helps homeowners know who will be arriving at their door for the service beforehand.

Before the installation begins, an AC technician will double-check the quality of the information collected. The technician will review equipment and parts to be installed to prevent mistakes at later stages.

Meanwhile, other members of the installation team will be preparing the site by laying down the floor cover. They will switch off electrical connections or the gas supply for safety before removing your old equipment.


Removing the old system is usually an intricate and time-consuming process. While removing your old system, AC technicians have to observe safety standards.

EPA regulations require the refrigerant to be disposed of with a recovery machine to prevent leaks. Refrigerant poisoning can skin irritation, nausea, headaches, and difficulty breathing. Texas Air Authorities in Arlington has highly trained technicians to carry out a quality and safe installation.

After removing the refrigerant, the next step is to disconnect the electrical connections. The installation crew will turn off the circuit from the control panel. They may suggest installing a new connection box if your home does not already have one.


You can install a new model where the old one used to sit. But modern systems have different dimensions, and the area may require preparation before installation.

Typically, the condenser is placed on a composite pad to raise it and protect it from moisture and pests. You may use concrete to support the weight of larger units. But a composite material is preferred for most applications due to its durability.

Replacing your AC may involve working on the ductwork to meet the specification of the new system. The installation crew will already have the information from the initial assessment.

The team has to perform this stage of the installation correctly. Once you place the condenser unit, it is difficult to remove it. The condenser often has pressurized components that could be damaged.


After the installation is complete, a technician will check the refrigerant levels. They will also evaluate electrical connections and the function of the thermostat.

Your thermostat is a critical element of the cooling and heating system. A technician will review its placement and settings to ensure maximum energy savings and comfort.

If you want a smart thermostat, AC Experts in Tempe can install the device for you. The device ensures more precise control of temperature regulation. You can connect it to your existing home automation system for more convenience and comfort.

The AC installation team will check other parts of the system before giving it a clean bill of health. That includes testing voltages, temperature drops, as well as supply and return temperature.

After the testing, the technician will share with you tips on keeping your air conditioner efficiency. They will walk you through the routine maintenance requirements of the system. You can take the opportunity to ask questions about your new equipment and how it functions. At this stage, you could choose to schedule your first maintenance service.

If you have questions about AC replacement services, you can talk to the AC Experts staff in Tempe. We are the leading provider of home comfort solutions in the region. Our friendly and professional crew will carry out a thorough diagnosis and provide an honest assessment. You can expect the team to arrive on time and leave your home spotless. Call us today and experience our 5-star guarantee service.


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