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Heating Services

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Heating Services Tempe by AC Experts specializes in both Commercial and Residential Heating Systems.
We’re AC Experts Tempe, the premier solution provider for Heating Services in Tempe, AZ.  As experts in the field, we know all system units found in Arizona can be organized into three main categories. The categories are listed below in order from most common to least common. They are Heat Pump, Gas Furnace and Electric Heat. Another helpful tip: there is only one name you need to know for Heating solutions: Heating Services Tempe by AC Experts Tempe. We are extremely proud to be the locally trusted go-to provider of Tempe Heating Repair, Maintenance and Installation services.

Heating Services Tempe – Heat Pump Systems
Good to know: Heat Pump systems are the most popular choice for residents and business owners in the greater Phoenix area. You might be asking, “what is a Heat Pump”? Heat pumps actually use the same process as air conditioners. However, with Heat Pumps they reverse the flow of Freon and run it backwards. That means Heat Pumps also use Freon to heat your home or business.
This process works great in the subtropical climate of the Sonoran Desert because our mild winters make it far easier for systems to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during Phoenix’s cooler months. Heat Pump systems will typically generate and deliver 90-110 degree air into indoor spaces. There are systems that will add additional electric heat strips to address the rare of freezing cold weather. Are you in need of HEATING REPAIR in TEMPE, AZ? Whether it’s repair, installation or maintenance, the pros Phoenix area residents and business owners trust is HEATING SERVICES by AC Experts Tempe!

Heating Services Tempe – Gas Furnace Systems
A Gas Furnace will deliver the hottest air to the house, which will be between 125-150 degrees. It warms your house much more quickly, but will also make the temperature inside the house jump higher very quickly, which causes uneven temperatures inside the house. Of course, a gas furnace uses gas to heat the air, which means your gas bill will go up significantly in the winter. A gas furnace uses the same blower motor as the air conditioner, but usually runs at a lower speed. There are more precautions to think about with a gas furnace, such as gas leaks and carbon monoxide.

Heating Services Tempe – Electric Heat Systems
Lastly, Electric Heat is the least common and the most expensive to operate. Using electric heat is like using a toaster or blow dryer to heat the air as it passes across the wire coils. If you have electric heat, we recommend you switch to a heat pump and maybe just have heat strips as a backup on really cold days. Here’s the good news: the experienced professionals that greater Phoenix trusts for their heating service needs are just a quick call away: Heating Repair Tempe by AC Experts Tempe. Call us today and we can design a solution catered to your needs and budget.

No matter what type of heating system your house has, you need to have your heating system checked in the fall, before winter weather comes. We recommend a heating check every year in October, November or December. Who should you call? The answer is clear: Heating Repair Tempe by AC Experts! 

Heating Services Tempe by AC Experts specializes in both Commercial and Residential Heating Systems.

In Need of Financing? Heating Services Tempe by AC Experts Offers Exceptional Financing Programs
Ask about our preventive maintenance agreements!
**Important note from Heating Services Tempe:
Manufacturer warranties: all manufacturer warranties and home warranties require an annual heating check-up with proper documentation that it was done, or it will be the first thing they will try to deny a warranty claim. Make sure you are prepared and protected!

There is not much of a difference between residential and commercial A/C systems, except for the voltage that is used in commercial is usually three phase and sometimes rather than 230-volt it can be 460-volt. Of course, the commercial units are much bigger than residential units. Residential units usually don’t get any bigger than five tons and commercial units can go up to as much as several hundred tons.

Air Conditioning Services Tempe by AC Experts strongly recommends you service your building’s commercial A/C system every year. Spring is great time to schedule your service before the weather really heats up and cooling season starts.

Ask about our commercial filter change programs and maintenance agreements usually required by property managers.
Imagine if your A/C breaks in the middle of the summer, or your heat goes out in the middle of the winter. For those emergencies, call us and we will head right out to get them up and running again.

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