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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s time to dust off the grime from winter and get ready for summer! We all know that during the spring it is a good idea to do some heavy-duty cleaning, but how does this impact your HVAC system and indoor air quality. Here are the things you should do around your house to prepare your HVAC equipment for summer.

Dust and mop. This is a chore that you should do more often, but it is very important during the Spring (especially if you have been keeping the windows open a bit more often than usual). Dust, dirt and allergens can accumulate on your surfaces when you keep windows and doors open. You don’t want them lying around unfiltered ready to be released into your indoor air if they are disturbed.

Clean windows. Cleaning your windows and letting in some sunshine during the spring can actually make it feel warmer during those cooler spring days. Besides, a dirty window isn’t a pleasant sight. You don’t want a layer of dirt and grime acting as drapes for your windows.

Change furnace filter. A dirty filter is an ineffective filter. It’s always a good idea to change your filter, at a minimum, once before the heating season (Fall) and again at the start of the cooling season (Spring). Just make sure you briefly turn off your equipment before you change your filters and/or hire AC Experts, AZ, if it is in a tough-to-access place.

Get system cleaned by a professional. You want your cooling system entering the summer in fighting condition. That’s why it is a good idea to have your system cleaned by AC Experts to maximize airflow and performance.

Duct cleaning. There are a lot of gross things that can be lurking in your duct-work. Call AC Experts, Az, your duct cleaning professional to get those ducts shiny so you’re not breathing in anything that’s been trapped in your duct-work. And, as an added bonus, a duct cleaning appointment can alert you to other problems your home may be having that you may not have been previously aware of – like mold.

Clear clutter around your home. Clutter around your house can accumulate dust and other substances that can aggravate allergies and lower indoor air quality. Having more things around = having more places for unpleasant things to hide. Just remember, if you are cleaning an area that hasn’t been touched in years, it can be a good idea to wear a mask.

Remove plants or weeds that could be encroaching on your air conditioner. Again, you want to maximize airflow around your air conditioner (or heat pump) to prepare for the summer cooling season. Weeds or other plants could be slowly creeping up on your system and violating that 2-foot clearance we’ve talked about previously.

Also, don’t forget to schedule preventative maintenance with AC Experts Az.  Call: 480-386-6980