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A Cogged Dryer Vent Is A Real Danger!

Most homeowners are unaware that it is necessary to keep a clean dryer-vent. Every year there are an estimated annual of 15,000 fires caused by a clogged dryer-vent.

A clogged dryer-vent is a real danger to your home and family. In most cases, a dryer-vent that is not getting cleaned on a yearly basis can cause a fire. One of the red flags of a clogged dryer-vent is if your clothes are still wet or a bit damp after a full drying cycle. Cleaning your dryer-vent will help you reduce your monthly energy bills and improves the lifetime of your dryer machine.


When lint & dust builds up in the dryer or in the exhaust pipe, a fire can occur. Lint & dust can block the flow of air which causes over build up and can result in a fire. Combining reduced airflow and lint/dust accumulations creates the perfect environment for a fire to start. Clogged dryer-vents are a dangerous fire hazard and needs immediate attention. A yearly cleaning of your dryer vent can prevent fire hazard situations and a smoother air flow that will eventually result in lower electric bills & longer lasting dryer machine.


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