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The temperatures have been dropping, and you’ve no doubt already gotten some good use out of your home’s heating system. But has that come with sticker shock when you’ve gotten your electric bills? The good news is, there are some simple ways you can lower those bills, without sacrificing your family’s warmth. The experts at AC Experts, Az. explain:
Lower your thermostat. Is most of your household gone during the day at work or school, yet you continue to heat an empty home? Lower the thermostat during the   hours when no one is home. Every degree counts and you can rack up some good savings by lowering your thermostat during work and school hours, or even   overnight when everyone   is nestled under blankets.
Make your house a smart house. Programmable thermostats can help greatly with lowered costs. You can program your home’s temperature around your schedules. And if you happen to be out during a time you’d normally be home, you can change the settings right from your smartphone. Control your home’s temperature from anywhere.
Schedule a check-up. We aren’t the only ones who need our physicals every year – your HVAC unit does, too. To ensure it is working properly, be sure you schedule a checkup for your heating unit every year. A technician will run checks and make any adjustments needed to ensure your stay warm this winter.
Clean! To ensure air flows properly, clean your vents and returns regularly. Make sure there are no obstructions blocking vents to ensure air can flow properly into every room of your home.
Use the sun. On bright sunny days, open your curtains and blinds to allow the sun to warm up a room.
“These are some simple ways you can ensure your family stays comfortable this winter,” says Russ Ward, of AC Experts Az.. “But these small steps can not only keep you warm, but lower your energy bills slightly, too.”


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